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The Pulse: Instagram updates creator tags, Twitter dives into e-commerce, and Reddit launches the Discovery Tab

Instagram launches updated creator tags

Creators have long complained that Instagram’s tagging capabilities don’t live up to expectations. In a sea of tagged names, its undeniably difficult to discern who is credited for what in a post. Thankfully, after long last, Instagram has updated its tagging game to allow contributors to be identified by their contribution. Direct credit puts a spotlight on those who are often behind the scenes. Contribution titles will be based on the contributors profile category. This update is a big step towards creators of all types getting the recognition they deserve.

“As creators collaborate, inspire each other and drive culture forward on Instagram, proper crediting has never been more important. This is especially crucial for marginalized and underrepresented creators and collaborators whose contributions are often behind the scenes.”

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Twitter dives into e-commerce with “Twitter Shops”

In an effort to hop on the growing e-commerce bandwagon, Twitter is introducing “Twitter Shops” a way for merchants to streamline the online shopping experience by making products available via their profile. While Twitter’s pre-existing “Shop Module” allows users to feature up to 5 items on their profile, the new Shops feature provides a far more immersive shopping experience – allowing up to 50 items to be displayed. The shopping feature stems from Twitter’s research into consumer conversations, which illuminated the plethora of active communities discussing products on the platform.

“People are already talking about products on Twitter. We want Twitter Shops to be the home for merchants on Twitter where they can intentionally curate a catalog of products for their Twitter audience and build upon the product discussions already happening on our service by giving shoppers a point of action where a conversation can become a purchase.”

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Reddit launches the “Discovery Tab”

Reddit can be a daunting platform. With subreddits ranging from r/birdswitharms to r/chairsunderwater and everything in between, it can be difficult to find your niche. But Reddit wants to reassure users that there is a welcoming corner of the internet for everyone. The newly launched Discovery Tab aims to connect users to relevant content based on the communities they browse the most plus time spent. In its initial testing phase, Reddit stated that 1 in 5 users joins a new community that is introduced via the discovery tab.

“We’re able to tailor each redditor’s Discover Tab to surface what we think they’ll enjoy the most. What we show is based on communities they’re already a part of as well as time spent. For example, if a redditor subscribes to and spends a significant amount of time in football and baseball subs, Discover Tab will prompt them with other sports-related content.”

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