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The Pulse: Instagram adds feature to pin posts, Twitter tests product drops, and Meta develops “basic ads”

Instagram adds feature to pin posts

Instagram has launched a feature allowing users to pin up to three posts/reels at the top of their page. This provides great customization as to the appeal of your instagram layout. Using the three dots at the top right of your post, there is now an option to ‘Pin to your Profile’. This has been in testing since April, along with other profile customization features, such as completely rearranging the order of your posts. Instagram will continue to test features that allow users to further customize their profiles, as it’s possible this could be implemented sometime in the near future. For now, users can simply pin their three favourite posts to the top of their profile.

“Provide a range of creative considerations as to how you can maximize the appeal of your Instagram profile display for visitors who come across your presence”

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Twitter launches test of new ‘Product Drops’ reminder

Twitter is known for being the hot-spot for heated debates, differing opinions, and most recently, conversations around product drops. For this reason, they are testing a new feature that will notify users about product drops if they choose to opt in. This will allow brands to add a ‘remind me’ button to their tweets about new items. From this, users will receive notifications 15 minutes before a product is released. If they click on this notification, it will take them straight to the product page. On top of this, merchants can add a ‘product details’ page to their tweets, a full-screen experience that gives consumers all the information they need to make a purchase decision. They’ll be able to click on the hashtag where people are discussing the product they are interested in.

“People come to Twitter to talk about products and product drops every day. And merchants have long been dropping products on Twitter without any native product support”

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Meta is developing a new ‘Basic Ads’ product to counter privacy concerns

Meta is developing a new product dubbed ‘Basic ads’ which doesn’t use advanced targeting or personal information to counter privacy concerns. Still in the early stages of development, it would measure basic metrics such as views and engagement. This means that the performance of your ad would be relative to the engagement it generates. These ads would also be far less targeted, so advertisers must consider that their ads would be exposed to people with no purchasing plans at all. There’s two sides to this. With less targeting, some may assume that ads will be less effective. However there’s also the possibility that it will have a much larger reach, boosting exposure. It can also be assumed that running ‘basic ads’ will be cheaper than targeted advertising.

Basic ads, as Facebook engineers have been calling it, is aimed at brand advertisers that are trying to build awareness and shape perception of products.”

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