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The Pulse: Twitter introduces interactive ads, Instagram tries out a full-screen main feed, and NFTs are coming to Facebook

Twitter introduces interactive ads and more

As a way to make ads feel like they seamlessly blend into the timeline on Twitter, the platform is adding a few more customization options. Advertisers can now highlight certain keywords in the copy that can drive to different links. Likewise, the ad can choose from ten different highlight colours for focus words which will add an eye-catching element in a sea of tweets. Twitter is also adding “product explorer” ads, which allow consumers to swipe and rotate the product to see it from different angles. Lastly, the platform is also introducing “collection ads” which allow brands to have one focus image alongside five smaller images with a horizontal scrolling feature. And as an added bonus, each image can drive to a different landing page. It looks like Twitter is certainly becoming an advertiser’s best friend.

“As we kick off early experiments, we’ll aim to understand how the new formats resonate with consumers and drive results for advertisers. We’ll test, learn, and iterate based on performance and customer feedback.”

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Instagram tests out a full-screen main feed



A fully integrated full-screen feed is coming soon. In a major update to the platform’s UI, the top story bar would be removed and all media would be presented in a swipe-able format. As TikTok continues to dominate the social media world, it’s no surprise other platforms are adopting some of its features. The seamless UI is not only immersive and engaging but also provides a plethora of valuable analytics. From time spent watching to rewinds and likes, the new algorithm will guarantee an even more tailored experience across the board.

“We’re going to double-down on our focus on video and consolidate all of our video formats around Reels” – Adam Mosseri, Instagram

NFTs are coming to Facebook & Instagram

Though NFTs are a relatively new concept, there’s already a strong community of buyers and sellers trading the digital art. Currently, Discord acts as the primary marketplace for NFT enthusiasts – but Meta is looking to change that. Meta is working on a pilot program that would allow users to share NFTs on Facebook which will then lead to community groups dedicated to viewing and creating new works. Though NFTs have been previously linked to higher rates of scamming, it seems Meta is unconcerned. Rather, the social media giant is looking to increase engagement and bolster it’s e-commerce presence. According to Meta, the future of e-commerce involves new forms of digital currency and social tokens. While certainly unorthodox, it’ll be an interesting look into the future of the digital world.

“Facebook’s financial arm, Meta Financial Technologies, has been exploring the creation of a virtual currency for the metaverse, which employees internally have dubbed “Zuck Bucks”, according to several people familiar with the efforts. […] According to company memos and people close to the plans, Meta is also looking into the creation of so-called “social tokens” or “reputation tokens”, which could be issued as rewards for meaningful contributions in Facebook groups, for example.”

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