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The Agency with the Largest and Most Efficient Production in Canada

For 6 years we’ve been perfecting a production offering that can crack the code production and agencies alike can’t: deliver quality assets with efficiency on production projects of all sizes.

From small bite-sized content to broadcast and everything in between, we’re set up to handle the production process from beginning to end like no other. That’s because we have film production embedded in our DNA, attracting, retaining and growing real talent in-house, creating a culture of experimentation and exploration that is part of everyone’s vocabulary.

Less Prepping, More Shooting

One of the biggest struggles in our industry when it comes to creating assets, is that small content production goes through the same rigorous process of concepting, revisions, approvals, and storyboarding as medium to large projects do. Equipment rentals, external studios, and travel times are just the beginning of what adds up to hefty cost and time.

Then there’s expertise. How to attract and retain film production staff in an industry where full time is not an option due mostly to the lack of relevant career opportunities.

Custom setup

When our equipment can do more, so can we. We continuously assess our workflow and industry demands to define and invest in tools and equipment on our dime vs our client’s. Our latest custom Mobile Tabletop setup was created with all of the above in mind. It’s made with durable, reliable, and affordable materials to maximize potential without affecting our quotes.

This system has an integrated lighting and diffusion system (some custom fabricated), meaning products can be evenly lit with the flick of a single switch. A paper backdrop mount lets us customize shoots easily. Best yet, this quick setup means reshoots take a fraction of the time.

Tier Production Levels

It’s no secret a successful partnership depends on both sides working together with clear communications and common goals. Among other secrets we’ll keep inside for now, we developed a tiered production system that allows consistent expectations from the first ask all the way to production and delivery of assets.

Tier 3 – Direct to Production

Creator style, fast and flexible.

Tier 2 – Lite Production

Guided, branded, crafted.

Tier 1 – Full Production

Experienced, detailed, full planned.

Interested in learning more? Drop us a line. We will be delighted to show you around, tell you more about our processes and get you where you need to be.

Paulo Salomao, Founder

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