Famiglia Baldassarre


  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Typography


  • Canada

Famiglia Baldassarre

Giving life to the most unique and authentic pasta maker in Canada.

The face of authenticity.


To tell the complete Famiglia Baldassarre story, we were tasked to create an identity that was true to the uniqueness of visionnaire chef and entrepreneur Leandro Baldassarre.

The logo was craft by hand, creating an original typeface with the intention of replicating the curves and symmetry of several pasta shapes. 

Ultimately the goal was to create a brand that was as detailed and storied as the product itself. Designed to support first, one main business objective: to position Baldassarre as a product sought after by high profile chefs and artisanal vendors who have an appreciation for quality and tradition.

A full display website was created with the intent of hosting all intricate facets of the business. There, chefs could go deeper into the making of the products and learn about the ingredients behind its premium quality.


“The team at King Ursa did something truly amazing. They got into my head, studied what makes me tick, and made all the passion come to life in a beautiful and uncompromising way. They nailed it.”

Leandro Baldassarre