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One Academy


  • Positioning Strategy
  • Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Content Production
  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • E-Comm and Apparel Design
  • Analytics


  • Toronto

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One Academy

Lots of agencies have fitness brands as clients. We might be the only one that actually created one.

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As in, One Academy, one of Toronto’s most popular specialty gyms.

King Ursa wanted to demonstrate how strong creative and strategy could build a business, and to put our money where our mouth was, we became partners in the project. We still are.


One Academy

In a hyper-competitive market, we knew that launching with a strong brand was essential to the gym’s success.

But that meant a lot more than a slick logo and a brand book nobody would read.

Instead, we started with a focus on our people - the expertise of our trainers and the passions of our members - to create a loyal, passionate community that was advocating on the brand’s behalf even before gym construction was complete.

Big gains
with no gimmicks.

We had a full house on opening day, and have never once resorted to the deep discounts or restrictive contracts that are commonplace in the fitness space.

Voted best gym by BlogTO

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We sold out of our first clothing line before our doors even opened, we became profitable within our first year, and continue to max out on memberships, year after year.

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One Academy’s following has grown so much that we’ve had to expand beyond our original 100 sq-ft location: we made our offerings available online, and have begun cross-continent franchise development.