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Timberland x Raptors


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Campaign exceeded all KPI’s and garnered:


Subscriber Base Growth


Return on Ad Spend


Return on a $7k Media Spend (2 Months)

Timberland x Raptors

Transforming Timberland’s
Canadian digital presence.

In 2019, Timberland approached us with two goals: to drive direct-to-consumer online sales, and keep their return on ad spend high.

We responded by launching a suite of Canada-specific social channels and a series of campaigns through 2019. The results? Let’s dig in.

Twisted Tea Contest Mock
Twisted Tea Contest Mock

We knew that as part of a larger NBA partnership, Timberland was bringing a Raptors limited edition boot to market.

And with superstar Kawhi Leonard was joining the team, we also knew there would be a boosted appetite for this product, at both the consumer and wholesale level.

Knowing the boot would sell out quickly, we created a 3-phase launch approach with paid social and digital ads on Ticketmaster and The Score. The first set of ads encouraged people to sign up for a pre-sale opportunity, instantly growing Timberland’s subscriber base by 53%.

Phase 2 sent people to for direct purchase, where the entire stock sold out in a few hours. That triggered Phase 3: driving all digital media to, where additional pairs were available. This ensured fans weren’t being sent to a Sold Out page, and helped keep sales within Timberland’s network and away from resellers.

Sold out
in hours.

Twisted Tea Contest Mock
One Academy Web Mock Up
One Academy Web Mock Up
Twisted Tea Contest Mock

The Raptors’ own Norm Powell helped us further amplify our efforts. To give fans another shot at our product, we offered up a signed Powell boot through Frenzy, a streetwear app powered by Shopify. The giveaway was held at Timberland’s Stackt Market Pop-Up Studio, and saw sneakerheads and basketball fans from across the city come together for a chance to win.

The campaign led to more than 11 Million impressions and a huge increase in site traffic.

Taking it to
the streets.

To make the most of it, we developed a targeted 2-week Holiday campaign that optimized Timberland’s global assets for the Canadian audience.

Precise interest and audience targeting, paired with a strategic remarketing campaign, led to an additional $79k in online sales directly attributed to campaign efforts, with a 158% return on ad spend.

Twisted Tea Contest Mock

Over a 2-month period, our $7k media spend resulted in $41k is online sales, with 577% return on ad spend.

Since then, our return on ad spend for Timberland has increased to 700%, and we only see more room to learn, optimize, and grow.