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James Ready Mutual Fun(d)


  • Social Listening
  • Segmentation Analysis
  • Connections Planning
  • Creative Ideation & Content
  • Web Design
  • Social
  • Video Production
  • Media Buying
  • CRM
  • Fulfilment


  • Canada


Total Impressions


Social Media Impressions across Instagram, Reddit and Twitter


Engagement rate. 933% higher than the alcohol industry benchmark

James Ready Mutual Fun(d)

To relaunch a beer during lockdown, 
we took a risk so beer drinkers could take the reward.

Brand Relaunch

The 3rd wave of a 2-year pandemic wasn’t the most opportune time to relaunch a beer into the market. With bars closed and social gatherings a distant memory, getting together with friends to enjoy a James Ready beer was almost impossible. We needed to find a way to create engagement and captivate an audience that was being held captive. Using social listening tools and segmentation analysis, we honed in on our target’s propensity to over-index on contesting, fly by the seat of their pants, and stay constantly connected with their peers to be in the social media know.

Hot on the heels of Reddit, r/wallstreetbets, and meme stonks taking the internet by storm, we strategically turned James Ready, the beer known for saving people money, into the beer that made people money.

Introducing, the James Ready Mutual Fun(d).


Where we let beer drinkers gamble on the stock market with $20,000 of our marketing budget and keep all the spoils.

Leveraging consumer psychographics and data, we created a fully integrated campaign that drove our audience to our newly-minted investing website, complete with live API integration. Once there, investors could vote on stocks and even offer hot tips of their own.

Targeted ads on Twitter, Reddit and Instagram sparked the conversation.


OOH in Toronto’s financial district let everyone know there was a new bull on Bay St.

Online videos poked fun at the cliched investments ads of the day.


After 3 months in-market, we outperformed the S&P 500, the Dow Jones, and the TSX Composite Index during the same time period.


Damn son, talk about a refreshing relaunch.

It pays to drink
James Ready. Literally.