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Organic Impressions


Video Views


We empowered Shopify with a story that resonated with entrepreneurs around the world.

Visual Storytelling


The success that Shopify users achieved in 2021 was nothing short of incredible, and we wanted our Year-In-Review video to do them justice.

Our creative challenge was to celebrate the energy and resilience of the entrepreneurial spirit and link it to the connectivity that Shopify empowers thousands of entrepreneurs with.

Drastic economic changes and unforeseen supply chain issues meant that business owners were once again forced to adapt. However, with the power of the Shopify platform and the fierce determination of entrepreneurs around the world, these obstacles were met with beautiful resilience.

Through animation and VFX, we showcased the power of the platform while creating a celebratory collective spirit embodied by both Shopify and its merchants.

After its global release, the video received positive sentiments from thousands of entrepreneurs who applauded Shopify for the role it played in helping their businesses reach their goals, as well as the feeling of achievement and recognition they received from the video.

We extended the role of the visual effects to enhance the storytelling of our hero entrepreneurs by designing graphics related to each business owner’s story.

VFX were also utilized to tailor environmental elements to drive the story forward.

Times Square billboards were replaced with relevant adversities that businesses faced. The NYSE flag was replaced to highlight Shopify’s monumental stock market achievements, and dimensional typography was added to key storytelling scenes.

The video garnered over 1.6M organic impressions resulting in 891K video views.