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Timberland Greenstride™


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  • Creative Development
  • Video Production
  • Digital Marketing
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ROAs. Unprecedented for a new product and audience


Increase in website visitors from intentional targeting


Increase in YoY Revenue

Timberland Greenstride™

We created a data-driven digital campaign to drive record online sales.

Digital Sales Campaign


When COVID hit we needed to shift the brand’s consumer behaviour from retail to online sales.

We were challenged with helping Timberland become a leader in eco-friendly footwear space by launching their newly designed Greenstride™ Collection. To do this we wanted to disrupt an underdeveloped footwear audience — The Adventure Doer.

The Adventure Doer is a digital native valuing individualism, diverse relationships, and communities. Passionate about the outdoors and environmental causes their fashion sensibilities blend aesthetics and function with sustainability. And they prioritize personalized products over almost everything else.

Analytics from previous campaigns helped informed our social and digital approach to discovery, engagement, and seamless conversion.

We combined this with new our newly unearthed audience to create opportunities that maximized our ROI at unprecedented levels.

Location-based data expanded our audience set by merging on-ground activity with online presence using customers’ location-based IDs to target high-percentage consumers who showed interest in competitors, outdoors, and activities.

First-party e-commerce data identified higher-valued behaviours, and purchase data lead us to relevant consumers so our programmatic assets could find new Adventure Doers.


The campaign generated a CPA of $30 (down 49% YoY) with an impressive ROAS of 522%.These results were achieved through continuous optimizations built upon learnings from past campaigns and first-party data.

GreenStride™ has since become the most popular Timberland sneaker, representing an unprecedented 66% of all sneaker sales, and continues to sustain that momentum.

By being intentional with our targeting, our campaign led 22% more unique Adventure Doers to our website YoY. With a focus on high-value audience groups through value-tiering and intentionally higher CPAs, we not only increased orders by 8%, but also increased revenue by an astounding 37% from the previous year.

By targeting the right audience in the right place at the right time, our Timberland GreenStride™ campaign gained new consumers in a new category that will pay dividends for years to come.